Mar 20

The Importance Of Creating A Business Plan

Not all businesses succeed. As a matter of fact, the majority of businesses, without a good business plan, will most likely not survive its first year. Take note, it doesn’t have to be “just” a business plan. It needs to be well-developed and comprehensive. Some business owners think that they can just start their small business, given the fact that the internet made it even easier to gain new customers.

While it’s easier said than done, you may experience difficulties resolving common issues if you fail to come up with a business plan. It’s like setting up a business with no sense of direction, and this is one of the biggest mistakes that you’ll commit.


What do all successful businesses have in common? Aside from the fact that successful businessmen are more financially stable as compared to others, these businesses have a business plan that has been laid out properly. This means that it has been thought of, constructed well and updated according to what customers need.

The truth is, creating a business plan is time-consuming – there is no denying. Many people use this reason alone to give up writing, but if you really want to achieve success, you have to go through this. It means that you have to allocate plenty of your time writing, implementing, updating and monitoring your plan. Unfortunately, you can’t take any shortcuts – there aren’t any. You have to do it the long way. Think of it this way – you can’t find a shortcut to business planning, and this means that you can’t easily work your way up and get your business successful overnight.

Getting Started: Creating A Business Plan

Where do you start? Creating a business plan sounds like a complicated thing, and new business owners can’t come up with ideas, or can’t even get started with it. Some business owners would feel intimidated by the fact that there’s a lot of writing involved in this phase. But, as you go along and as you understand and see its importance, you’ll realize that everything you’re doing is for your business’ good.

In general, business owners can hire someone to write a business plan on their behalf, but this kills the entire idea of conceptualizing your own business. As much as possible, it is best that business owners, and partners (if any), should work on the business plan themselves. In general, it is more difficult to articulate and discuss with another person what your plans are. If someone can’t write a business plan, the way you wanted it to be, do you expect your foundation to be strong? Remember, asking someone else to do this is like taking a shortcut, and you can’t do that when you’re going for success.

Brainstorming and gathering these bits of information will help you come up with the right business plan that will benefit your business. Here are the common issues that one should consider when developing a business plan:

–    Services to offer
–    Expansion
–    Number of employees
–    Space needed and other necessary information

All of these details can significantly affect the way your business will run. It will also define the budget that you need to spend on your start-up business, as well as help you estimate your ROI.

You will not find a general business plan that you can follow and use as your guide. All business models work differently, and you can’t use other people’s plans and copy whatever’s in there. There’s no point in copying another business plan, because it’s not your idea and it’s like imitating someone else’s strategy and ideas when it should have been yours.

Successful businesses are successful because they have followed their business plan – and this is because all Business Plan on Blackboardfactors that are to be taken into consideration and studied thoroughly. Business owners become aware on what their business needs, what its strengths are and what the weaknesses are so he / she could further improve on those. These simple things can make a huge difference towards every business’ success. This is one of the primary reasons why a well-developed business plan makes a huge difference and can greatly affect a business’ success.

The process doesn’t stop there. As soon as you have developed your plan, you need to make sure that it is implemented. In addition to which, business owners should also ensure that their plan remains updated, depending on what the market is and what the customers would require.

Failure to update your business plan is as good as not writing a plan at all. People change, the internet changes and customers change. You have to adapt to all of these changes for you to generate more customers, gain their trust and run a successful business.

A good business plan is the foundation of a successful business, but a well-implemented one and updated plan is the reason why it’ll remain successful and prosperous in the industry.

Feb 20

5 Things That Make A Great Team Leader

Being in possession of a great idea and assembling a team to give the concept some light is the initial step in the creation of a successful business venture. While finding a unique and new idea is more than rare; the ability to successfully implement such an idea is the separation point between entrepreneurs and dreamers. It does not Business people at a meetingmatter how you perceive yourself or what age you are, the truth is that as soon as you make the first hire, you have taken a step into being a powerful leader. When stress levels are high, money is tight and success does not happen as you had imagined, it can be very easy for these emotions to torment you and consequently your team. However, take a breath and calm yourself down. Remind yourself of the kind of leader you are and the leader you would like to become. In this article, we shall look at five things that make an excellent leader. These are qualities that a good leader should possess and emphasize.


Irrespective of the ethical plane you hold yourself to, when you are endowed with the responsibility of leading a team, you should set the pace of ethics by raising the bar much higher. Your business and all its employees are definitely a reflection of yourself. Having ethical and honest behaviour are key values that the team you lead will follow. As a leader, you should try to develop a list of beliefs that both you and your company represent and post them in your office. Work hard to promote a healthy interoffice lifestyle by encouraging your employees to live by these standards. By displaying these standards and emphasizing them, your influence will turn the office environment into a helpful and friendly workplace.

Ability To Delegate

Finessing your own vision is important to developing an efficient and organized business. However, as a leader, you must learn to trust your team with the vision you bear lest you will never make any progress. You should bear in mind that providing your team members with your visions and ideas is an indication of strength and not weakness. Task delegation to various departments is an important skill that you should develop as your business grows. The tasks and emails will begin piling up and the more you pressure yourself, the lower the work quality becomes and as a result less production. The key aspect of delegation is team strength identification and capitalizing on that. Try to find out what every team member enjoys doing. If they find a task more enjoyable, chances are higher that they will put more effort and thought into it. This will not only give proof to the team that you trust them, but also free you some time to focus on higher level tasks that don’t require delegation. This is a fine balance that will positively impact on the productivity of your business.


Knowing the goals you want to accomplish can be clear in your head but explaining it to another person can be quite a problem, especially if you find yourself running into some blank expressions. To be a powerful and effective team leader, you should focus on honing your communication techniques and skills. Having the ability to succinctly and clearly describe your ideas is very important. Failure to relate your vision to your team members can result into your failure to work towards a common goal. The creation of a productive working environment and training of new members greatly rely on the healthy lines of business communication. Whether it stems from an open door policy to your managerial office or making a point of talking to your staff daily, availing yourself to discuss interoffice issues is mandatory. Your team will learn to depend upon and trust you and will not hesitate to work harder.


Sense Of Humour

Morale is linked to a business’s productivity and it is your responsibility as the leader to instil positive energy to your team members. It is in this case that your sense of humour pays off heavily. Encourage the people you lead to find fun in mistakes rather than cry over them. If you’re constantly encouraging kind humour in your work struggles, your working environment becomes a healthy and happy space where employees will look forward to work in rather than dread. However, do not poke fun or laugh at individuals who make mistakes, this can lead to a disastrous loss of confidence for the person. Make a point of sharing jokes with your team and encourage personal discussions for trips and weekend plans. These short breaks from the tasks at hand assist in keeping morale and productivity levels a notch higher. Make your office friendly  and relaxed as the little, light hearted moments can keep your work fresh and creative.


There may be occasions when the future of your business is uncertain and things are not going as planned. This is a very common phenomenon in businesses, both big and small and it should not be a cause of panic. As a leader, it is your responsibility to keep the fire burning and maintain your team’s morale. Raise your confidence levels and assure your team members that setbacks are natural. Inform them that the most important thing is to focus on the business’s larger goal. As a leader, remaining confident and calm gives your team members the same mutual feeling. The main objective of maintaining high confidence levels is to keep everyone moving ahead and working.

Jan 28

Give Your Business A Leg Up With A Fantastic Ecommerce Website

The online presence of your  business is really important for your  company to succeed. Your website has direct impact on your sales.  Handling your virtual  shop has  many of the similarities that occur in a physical  shop. You must keep your  home page  appealing and  welcoming. Your  products/services  need to be  arranged well so that your potential customers can find  exactly what they  really want  quickly. You must  cultivate an environment that  motivates  searching so that your  visitors will want to do business with you.  Based upon these  requirements,  exactly what would constitute a  fantastic ecommerce site design?

The visual display of your website  need to be pleasing to the eye. When someone lands on your  site, he or she  needs to get the  sensation that this is a place that has what they are looking for.  Aspects of your website must be well organized. Your colour scheme should be appropriate to what you are selling.  Capture your  visitor’s attention with an offer or a  promo,  however do not be overly glaring about it. It  should be done tastefully. It  has to  provide your potential customer with a reason to  remain and explore your  shop.

When you walk into a department store for the first time, you most likely would go to the store’s directory to look for the section where your desired merchandise is located. The  exact same logic is applied to your  site, only the  directory site is your navigation menu. Every page of your  ecommerce site should have this menu at a location that is convenient. Near the top of the page or on the left column is typical. The menu options  ought to be clearly  identified. Your goal is to help your visitors  get what they  really want with as few clicks as possible.

Each product  needs to have a high quality image and a  unique description.  Keep that in mind your visitors do not have the  advantage of being able to hold or touch the  product. So, their  assessment of the product is purely from your description and the picture.  Supply a zoom  function on your images so the shopper can get a close-up  take a look at the  information. The product description should be  interesting. You want to  mention to the  consumer things that will encourage and inspire them to  purchase.

Internet computer businessAn  vital part of an  excellent ecommerce web design is a shopping cart that is easy to use.  As soon as the  consumer clicks a button to  include the  item to his cart,  exactly what  takes place then? The checkout  procedure  needs to be as streamlined as possible so that the  buyer will complete his purchase  quickly. The last thing you  really want is for them to  desert their cart  due to the checkout process bring overly  complicated to  make use of.

When you are  checking out options for a  great ecommerce  internet design, just try to see things from a  buyer’s  point of view. If they have a poor shopping experience, they can very easily go off to another supplier.  Consider what shoppers  really want. If you make sure that you have put in place a customer-focused  strategy in your ecommerce decisions, your customers will  return to you time after time. Not  just that,  however they will tell their friends and family to visit your store as well.

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